Text Precis Utility

Project Summit

Version 0.2
20 Nov 2002
Hugh Miles (hugh_miles@users.sourceforge.net)

1. Introduction

Create an automatic summary of a text passage by using its internal references. This project stems from a talk I once heard on natural language processing. The algorithm used in this utility was one of the examples.

A text passage that runs to several sentences will contain implicit references because nouns and verbs are used in more than one sentence. Each sentence has a number of implicit forward references and a number of implicit backward references. A passable summary can be made by listing the three sentences with the best balance of forward and backward references.

Read the project overview here.

2. Project Links

Find the project's SourceForge group page here.

Find the project's mailing lists for developers, users and for release announcements.

Find the project's CVS web interface here. The project source, makefile and this documentation is available under a module named "project".

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